Sign up as a volunteer!

All candidates are eager to receive help from people who share their vision during the upcoming election or to share their views with those curious about the political process.

What types of help are they looking for? 

  • Host an event
  • Make phone calls
  • Drop signs
  • Knock on doors
  • Drop literature in mailboxes
  • Data entry
  • Help in a campaign office
  • Volunteer an an upcoming event
  • Feed the troops

Where can I find my local candidate? 

Alex Felsky (NDP Candidate)

Dave Wrobel (Ontario Party Candidate)

John Turmel (Paupers Party Candidate)

Ken Burns (Green Party Candidate)

Leslie Bory (Canadian’s Choice Candidate)

Nicholas Archer (None of The Above Candidate)

Rob Ferguson (Libertarian Candidate)

Ruby Toor (Liberal Candidate)

Will Bouma (PC Candidate)