We heard from voters about the issues that concern them most during this provincial election. Here are some of them below and links to the parties platforms that answer each of these questions.


Hospital wait times and increasing cost of medicine as well as long term care were major issues for all voters polled, including some millennials whose parents are requiring care and whose employers are becoming less likely to have prescription health coverage.


The cost of tuitions and over crowding in classrooms were two other issues that were on the priority list for voters of the millennial age, who are either still in post secondary institutions or have small children in the public school system.


The privatization and increasing cost of hydro was a primary issue voiced during our research.


The cost of living including job creation and the provincial budget was another main issue for voters.

Where can I find my local candidate’s platform? 

Alex Felsky (NDP Candidate)

Dave Wrobel (Ontario Party Candidate)

John Turmel (Paupers Party Candidate)

Ken Burns (Green Party Candidate)

Leslie Bory (Canadian’s Choice Candidate)

Nicholas Archer (None of The Above Candidate)

Rob Ferguson (Libertarian Candidate)

Ruby Toor (Liberal Candidate)

Will Bouma (PC Candidate)