Voting 101

Voting 101

How to Vote

Election day is June 7, 2018.

Choose the best way to vote for you!

You can also find more information about when and where to vote through Elections Ontario’s Voter Information Service.

Who Can Vote

To be eligible to vote in the 2018 Ontario election, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older, and
  • a Canadian citizen, and
  • a resident of Ontario

Where to Vote

Your registered address determines where you can vote. You can only vote at the locations assigned to you.

You can use the Elections Ontario Voter Information Service to:

  • Find your election day voting location
  • Find your advance voting locations
  • Find your returning office information
  • Find other days and ways to vote
  • Find candidates for your electoral district

If you are registered on the Voters List, you will receive a Voter Information Card via mail. It will have the following information:

  • Your election day voting location
  • Your advance voting locations
  • Your electoral district
  • Your poll number
  • Your returning office information

Voter Information Card

Voter Information Cards are sent via mail to registered voters between May 17 and May 25.

If you don’t receive a Voter Information Card, you can still vote if you bring identification that has both your name and current residential address on it. For a downloadable list of acceptable forms of ID from Elections Ontario, please click here.

If you didn’t receive your voter information card because your contact information has changed, you can update your address when you go to vote.

Where can I find my local candidate? 

Alex Felsky (NDP Candidate)

Dave Wrobel (Ontario Party Candidate)

John Turmel (Paupers Party Candidate)

Ken Burns (Green Party Candidate)

Leslie Bory (Canadian’s Choice Candidate)

Nicholas Archer (None of The Above Candidate)

Rob Ferguson (Libertarian Candidate)

Ruby Toor (Liberal Candidate)

Will Bouma (PC Candidate)