We don’t care who you vote for, Just F’ing Vote!

A local initiative brought to you by Octopus Red, a Brantford based Creative Communications Firm specializing in Graphic Design, Web Development & Marketing.

Just F’ing Vote is an educational, non-partisan experience for our community with a vision to increase local voter turnout by 10%.

Using data, interest and the will to “own your power” Just F’ing Vote (JFV) will excite people to the polls. Working to further energize the millennial vote, the women’s vote, the baby boomer vote, The LGBTQ vote, the Gen-X, my vote, your vote and everyone else’s vote!

Our campaign is constructed to be aspirational; we believe that everyone can, and should, have a say in how politics unfolds in Canada. JFV believes that the best way to make a difference is to ensure we enhance voter participation here at home, and across Canada.

We look forward to continuing the experience through the Federal Elections with specific content tailored to issues for 2019.

The 2015 Canadian federal election saw a voter turnout rise from 61% in 2011 to 66%; a sizeable change for a federal election. And, while every age demographic saw an increase in turnout, the largest increase was seen in our 18-29 year olds, from 42% in 2011 to 57% in 2015.

Starting in 2018, we meant to do even better and we did. We want a 10% increase in voter turnout and believe with education it can do be done!


JFV does not support or endorse candidates, nor do we advocate for one political participant over another. We care that you make an informed choice and participate in the process. To make sure that’s possible, we work to increase opportunities and encouragement for you to vote.


We’ve asked voters the types of questions they would like answers to. Things like: What riding am I in? What issues are important? Where can I volunteer?


Over the course of the 10 week TV Series we answered the questions with knowledge from professionals who have worked in parliament, worked on campaign teams or worked in the media or business sectors.


As we get closer to the election we will provide you with the information about where to vote, how to vote and some of the frequently asked questions of the voting process

Brantford Brant Federal Election 2019

Federal Election Countdown


Just Fing Vote

We at Octopus Red located in Brantford, Ontario have been involved in many Provincial, Federal and Municipal Elections. We have always had strong ties to each of the major parties Candidates and as such wanted to provide an education to those who may not know how to vote, where to volunteer and who the candidates are. We wanted to provide a forum that was strictly educational and non partisan. We don’t care who you vote for…JUST F’ING VOTE!!!

Web Education

This website will function as an educational site, with information on where to vote, how to vote and also where you can hear debates or participate in events where all parties or candidates will be in attendance. This site is not represented by any party or candidate and is a neutral resource for the voter.

Print Marketing

Resources will be available in print and digital format and we have partnered with new outlets to ensure ongoing content will be made available to all those who wish to learn more about the process of voting and how to get involved.

Rogers TV

Just fing vote has partnered with the Millennial Network Group and Rogers TV Series “Think Millennial” in order to provide the viewers with an ongoing series to learn about voting. Many of the questions we received about the process of voting and the issues for each level of government will be covered in this 10 week series.

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A 5% Increase in Local Voter Turnout5768 Additional Local Votes27, 638 Shares on Social Media1.5 Million Canadians reached

— We Are Making a Difference —

How This Works

If you are a voter, we want you to learn all about voting! If you are a candidate we applaud your commitment to represent your community and hope you find our website and TV Series to be informative and helpful, but we will not be advocating for any specific candidate or party, this site is for voter education only!


Each level of government has different authorities over issues that might be close to home for you. Click here for information about each of the municipal candidates

Where to Vote

To learn more about where to vote and how click here.

HOw to Volunteer

We will provide you with an overview of what types of help candidates will be looking for and where to find them. Click here to find out how you can help.

Non partisan

Each of the members of our committee vote for different folks and as such we wanted to collaborate on a project where we could increase voter turnout. Again, we don’t care who you vote for, JUST F’ING VOTE!!!!

TV Series

Previous Episodes

Just Fing Vote TV will be an 8 minute segment on “Think Millennial” on Rogers TV. This 10 segment web series will focus on provincial issues and 101 education on how to vote. This will be a non partisan show with guests from all political backgrounds.

Think Millennial is a program discussing important issues affecting millennials.

Matt Mannen and Ben Strasser are joined by a diverse group of guest panelists who will weigh in on a variety of subjects including politics, the economy, pop culture, work-life balance, careers and self-improvement.

Think Millennial will also feature unique elements that highlight people in our community and the role that they play.

Why Millennials?

In the weeks after the October 19th, 2015 general election, several firms surveyed Canadians about how they felt about the most recent electoral campaign. The responses were segregated by age, 18-29, 30-55 and 56-older.

The results proved interesting as less younger voters were as apathetic as originally thought. Compared to older people surveyed, a majority of young people discussed politics in various formats.

Who We Are

We are Millennials, we are Generation X and we are Baby Boomers. We are Voters!

Apathetic? Not so much!

People can no longer be considered politically apathetic. They’re concerned about issues and they want to talk about politics across the spectrum. Each voter has different needs and wants in terms of representation and we strive to provide them all of the information to do so.


Facts About Voting

For more information on these facts, click here.



Of eligible voters participated in the 2018 Provincial Election



Of milliennials say they are underinformed when it comes to voting.



Of millennials rely on social media to obtain information about voting.



Of voters ages 18-24 voted during the last election.

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